Joshua was in Portugal the last few weeks installing one of his machines. He went a few days early and took a day at the end to explore a little and headed to Lisbon and took a train to another nearby town. He checked out a few castles and palaces as well as a cool maritime museum. Also he totally brought home a box of wine! (a few bottles too) and nabbed me some cute cork sandals.

Also he promises to take me back there, ahh I accept!

Here are some (a lot) of his sweet trip photos:

their "thing" is cork


  1. I was just there in May! I wasn't a huge fan of Lisbon but I'm super jealous you got cork sandals! I wanted a small cork purse but it was too expensive (it's ridiculously expensive).

    Glad he enjoyed the trip! We drove from Madrid to Portugal and the castles were my favorite part! :-)


  2. Those buildings are amazing!

  3. Those buildings are amazing!