A very Seattle New Years Eve

On New Years Eve we biked down to Gasworks park to check out the fireworks they shoot off the Space Needle at midnight. We've heard they're really cool. So we bundled up grabbed a flask to toast in the new year with and headed down. Well when we got there we looked across the water and ... couldn't see a thing! The fog was so dense you could barely see 20 feet in front of you.

We figured maybe you could see some flashes so we stayed with the crowd on the hill watching people light Chinese lanterns and float them off into the sky and a few misc fireworks from people around us. Then people counted down, we kissed, and laughed. We could hear the fireworks going off but couldn't see any of them.

We were finally in Seattle for New Year's Eve and still missed the fireworks :)
It was still fun and we've had some good laughs about it, maybe we'll catch them in 2014!

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