Month of Cakes

October is oddly my busiest month of cakes. I have 1-2 every week. Luckily they all have a lot of variety to keep it fun. This year I made a Care Bear birthday cake, Flower Baby shower cake, Fiesta 1 year old smash cake, and I have an upcoming Daniel the Tiger cake. Plus United way bake sale at work is coming up so my freezer is quite full.

I really enjoyed the differences in each of these cakes. I even got to try out a few new techniques.

The flower cake was my first time trying buttercream roses. They were far from perfect but when I made a whole field of them they looked really spectacular. I loved all the texture they created. Plus it was a bonus that it was tons of frosting for the buttercream loving momma!

 The Care Bear cake was nerve wracking for me because you have to make the characters so perfect. Luckily I think my cheer bear turned out pretty darn cute. He's also totally edible- marzipan.

The fiesta cake was fun because they didn't give much direction. I got to doodle on the cake with bright colors. I like the textures the frosting took on and how it feels additive to the white background of the cake. I really hope she digs into it!

 Side note: I made a falafel waffle this week! It was so cool, also sooooo tasty!


Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch

On our drive out to the hike Sunday we passed a corn maze, I casually mentioned that I'd like to do it if we had time on our way home. Cut to our way home when I was like nah let's skip it, he pushed, I caved cause I really did wanna do it so we turned around and it was lovely.

The farm was chill and the guys running it were so friendly. The maze was apparently shaped like a bat. We had to find 6 stations and answer the questions, all about bats.

It was an easy maze but still pretty fun to be meandering around among the corn stalks. The sky away from the mountains was blue and warm. Lovely to just exist outside and sit in some grass for a bit. We also snagged a cute little pumpkin for only $2.