Winnie the Pooh Cake

I had the honor of making a co-worker's daughter her first year birthday cake. She is a Winnie the Pooh and pink & purple fan so I went quite cute on this one. I love the way the marzipan that I colored for the honey contrasts with the frosting texture. Sometimes you plan something and it turns out nothing like you envisioned, I was so glad the drippy honey was an exception to that!
It was a vanilla cake with a blueberry filling and marzipan "honey." I drew out, scanned in and laser cut Pooh & Piglet and then colored them with watercolors. I love that the colors turned out so well for that! Her smash cake is a cute butterfly which was darn near impossible to ice! I heard that she really went for it which makes me happy. Love it when they just dig their hands in it smash cake on their faces!
This coworker is one of my best customers and I'm very grateful for it! She lets me run with whatever vision I want for the cake and hopefully I don't disappoint. Her other daughter's first birthday cake was one of my favorites- the hungry hungry caterpillar


The nice part of Winter

This winter has been lovely.
Haven't posted much but we've been busy, just the ordinary kind of busy.
We've done double brunch weekends, brewery night with our small group, breakfast downtown with a visit to the map store with friends, last day happy hour for a coworker. We've been climbing a lot and making so many soups, playing games, and grabbing spontaneous pizza and beer with friends. Haven't written much but this winter has been one that feels full of friends and good company. Even trying to keep up with doing abs and legs workouts together twice a week, so far so good. I've been reading lots of books and Joshua took on a new work project. Been working on a few leather projects and Joshua's been playing a lot of guitar. So save for having taken many photos, I think it's right on track to be one of my favorite Seattle winters.