Park outings

We took Roslyn on her first car ride the other day. Dad/Grandpa had to drive and I think he was a little nervous at first but he did a great job. We started off at Volunteer Park where we walked around the very hot conservatory. Then we meandered around the park a bit. After that we headed to Carkeek park which is along the water. We sat on the logs and wandered around the rocks, watched the trains pass.

That evening all 5 of us went to our favorite happy hours spot and had a large lovely meal, Roslyn was a champ and didn't make a peep.


The Zoo

Saturday was beautiful and sunny. I desperately wanted to get out of the house but my recovery has been slower than I'd like. I overdid my walking a few days ago and I was still paying for it. Then I remembered seeing a friend at the zoo in a wheelchair and I knew that was the perfect way to get some good outside time and still be able to recover. 

We took Roslyn on her first bus trip, she didn't make a peep. Then at the zoo we rented a $10 wheelchair and set off. Roslyn slept most of the time while we got lucky and lots of the animals were awake and about. The zebras were chasing each other and the giraffes joined in, the wolves were  wandering around in a pack, the hippo went swimming, the jaguar was roaming, and the otters were playing tag. I was escorted around in my wheelchair all day, even took some off road dirt paths. It was an amazing little adventure day and I'm so thankful my family was all willing to push me around so I could enjoy myself too. 

Finally took the bus home and then little miss Roslyn proceeded to have bad gas pains and kept us up all night :)