Cincy Trip Wedding Again!!

The second wedding we went to in Cincinnati was to our college friends wedding. The reception was in Longworth Hall which has beautiful exposed brick and they decked it all out with lights and pretty things. We had a whole table full of college friends (we even cheated and pulled up an extra chair) We had an amazing time that night! We danced so much I had feet full of blisters the next day. The dance music mix was the groom's baby and it was THE BEST music mix in the whole world. Such a treat to get to spend the whole evening with all these people and get in lots of good dance floor time with the new Mr. & Mrs.

One of the ladies even brought her new little baby and he danced the whole night with us (asleep) it was awesome! Also since the groom is Vietnamese for a portion of the night they had a glittery outfit change which we all loved! How fun!

Earlier that day we got to have breakfast downtown with some lovely friends that were in town for the wedding. We had tasty food and coffee and then wandered down to the market in Washington Park. If you haven't been it's amazing! So many hand made goods and food truck, beer carts and Music Hall as a backdrop. It was really fun to finally get to go see it all! Well Cincy until next time!!!


Cincy Trip Family Time!

In between weddings we spent a bunch of time with family & friends. All of my siblings were in the same place for one night only so we went back to Rhinegeist, sadly some loud event was happening but we made it work. We played corn hole, complained about the noise like old people, and ran into a few old Cincy friends. The Agin clan is now at 8 members! I love it!


This was by far our most relaxed trip home. The weather held back some options and made for great Harry Potter movie marathons with the family. We made pizzas one night, visited an old neighbor, checked out UC's updated campus stuff, but we did take one little side trip-

We drove up to Fort Wayne, Indiana to visit with some awesome people! They were some of our best friends in Seattle and they are currently residing in Michigan. They're so awesome that when they found out we were flying to Cincy they asked us to meet up! We both drove halfway to have lunch for the afternoon! It was such a blessing to see them again, they're keepers!

And then of course we fit in some time for some of our besties (Josh will hate that I used that word) Katy and I loaded up on some Harry Potter marathon action and potato soup, I think the guys just drank beer and made steaks :)