Colorful Cake

I was honored to make a birthday cake for a repeat client last weekend. He is colorful, full of life, energy, and encouragement. He cannot be summed up in a cake but I wanted to expose some of his energy and texture in this cake. After it was finished I deeply wished I'd made the icing dollips in different shades of teal, I think it would have added the bit of character I felt it was lacking. However the Italian cream cake sealed inside I was happy with. I do still like the whimsy and texture of the cake but do wish I would have pumped up the color some more. Next time.


Penninsula Camping

Last weekend we geared up to go bad weather camping/hiking for our friend Daniel's 30th birthday on the Olympic Peninsula. Turns out, we had pretty good weather instead. It rained/hailed/sleeted/snowed while we were there but never when we wanted to hike, eat outside, make dinner. It was quite amazing.

We started the day exploring Rialto beach. We meandered along picking up fun shaped driftwood, finding sea glass, spotting sea anemones, and chatting. The landscape there feels different every time we go. This time the waves were small and happy, the tide was low most of the time, and the shore was littered with bright orange wood.

Wrapped up our time outside playing the beach game we invented with people last year, Jerkin the Gherkin. Ended the evening around the fire with pies for the birthday boy. The next day we trekked a bit along second beach, ate lunch along the lake, and took the ferry back home. It was a great amount of quality time with the outdoors and our friends.