Gingerbread house Bonanza!

This past Friday we had the whole small group over to our place. Now we thought "hey only like 10-12 people will come right?" We were wrong around 20 people invaded our place and it was an amazing candy smooshed people pizza fest. We all made personal pizzas with a toppings table so deep that broccoli was a selection option.
Our dining room table was also overflowing with candies. It was almost to excited to choose from. I've never had such a large selection to create from, it rocked! I made a bunch of bags of icing and we all set to work with our graham cracker structural knowledge and built some pretty sweet stuff.

ours had a fire pit with sourpatch kids, gingerbread man
making marshmallows and a snowman with a beret


Sadly not all are pictured but they were all great, one was a double decker, a sleigh, ours was a tent campsite, a house complete with hot tub, a-frame houses, elephant shingled house, hobbit doors...
It was loud and merry and sticky!

Our friend Molly made a smiley face pizza, cutest!


Cut Out Cookie Time

This year's cut out Christmas cookies are pretty fab. While I'm adding the green to the wreaths Joshua always gets started trying to find a way to turn a snowman into something else. I've been decorating Christmas cookies with my family since I was little but he's only been at it for about 4 years and he's way more creative than me. I always start out very traditionalist - a snowman with a scarf, a wreath with berries and than I finally start getting into it a wreath is really a monster mouth with elephant sprinkles upside down as teeth. Then all happy with my monster I look over and he's made a minion from an ornament and Nemo from a snowman. I love cookie decorating!

bird from an angel that got a broken wing, Kirby

monster wreath, Finding Nemo
psychedelic snowman, minion, princess leia golden bikini version,
Pebbles from Flinstones, Creeper from Minecraft