Trip to Florence

We arrived in Florence via train again, but this train station was pretty cool. It was big and had the cool ticking arrivals board. But it was also raining :( We found our hotel but were also very wet when we arrived.

First we headed to the Duomo- Santa Maria del Fiore. The patterning on the outside is quite mesmerizing.

Then we headed to the basilica via a bunch of tents full of leather goods, so much leather!
The basilica had grave markers in the floors and monuments along the outer walls. Galileo was buried there.
A bit creepy but also everything was so detailed and ornate, lots to look at. Some of the grave markers in the ground were carved figures.

To help us ignore our soaked feet we went to Vivioli, Florence's oldest gelateria.
Oh man their pistachio was probably the best EVER!

For dinner we headed to a small place across the water where they had apertivo- which is a happy hour of sorts. You buy a drink for a certain price and then get access to a food bar, as much as you want. It was quite fancy too with cheeses, breads, shrimp pasta, steamed veggies. On our way back to the hotel of course we stopped off to finish up with wine, tirimisu, and panacotta.

The next morning the rain was over and we awoke to a woman who didn't speak english making us cappucinnos and serving us warm croissants. We wandered to the Ponte Vecchio which is the bridge below. All the little shops sell expensive jewelry.

these were everywhere, thought they were cute.
We went to the Uffizi Gallery (no photos allowed) which was filled with some pretty awesome artwork. Michelangelo, Raphael, da Vinci and more all had works inside. My favorite was seeing the Birth of Venus painting in person. So so cool to stand in front of something like that.

Then we walked over to the Medici Chapel where we saw the library done by Michelangelo. Ah seriously made me giddy to see some of this architecture and interiors in person finally.
 I was even allowed to touch things.

We wandered through the Mercantile Centrale to buy salami, cheese, and fresh bread for the train the next day. It was so lively and fun to be around all the people buying things, some weird looking meat things though too.

We bought a cute engraving print from this guy :)

Then we went to the Galleria Academia. We spent most of our time there just starring at the David statue (also no photos allowed) Couldn't get over how amazing it truly was. The details, it's grace, I swear if I touched it he could have moved. There was also a cool plaster sculpture gallery inside.

Then headed over the Ponte Vecchio, gelato in hand, to the Piazza Michelangelo.

This is where the original David statue was, looking over Florence, but now it's a bronze cast of it. It afforded a great panoramic view of Florence. But man we walked up a lot of steps to get there :)

Then we walked up farther to the San Miniato del Monte which was a great little church. The inside was spectacular with painted wooden beams and mosaics. Outside there was quite an amazing amount of terraces that were cemeteries too.

We tried to walk over to Boboli Gardens but apparently they were closing, so sadly that was the one place on our trip we really wanted to get to but didn't. Over all Florence wasn't our favorite stop, but it was still very beautiful.

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  1. Florence is so beautiful! It was my favorite city I visited when I was in Italy. Looks like you guys had an awesome time :)

    1. Man we should have hit you up for some tips! We had a good time but felt a little lost there. So neat to finally get to see it all though!

  2. It's amazing how different the three Italian cities are. Kind of cool though that they all have their own unique bits about them.

    Your posts makes me want to eat mass amounts of gelato!

    Also, I feel like I'd be the same way visiting historic sites in Europe. I get all giddy just seeing them in the US.