Apple Pickers

I love apple picking. My family used to go do it together. So instead of a tiring hike this past Sunday we decided to have a slow relaxing day picking apples. We woke up early and drove out to Bellinham where we ate fresh cider donuts, fresh hot cider and meandered out to the orchard. Their orchard is huge! So, like us, we ran away from all the people to wander among the far trees and start sinking our teeth into all the apples.
Some of the apples were face sized, always exciting. We ended up with 20 pounds of apples which equals a ton of delicious apple butter to be made soon. Once we were loaded up with all of those apples we decided to opt for the tractor to take us back to the barn. 

We finished off the afternoon in downtown Bellingham eating and drinking some fresh hopped beers at Boundary Bay Brewing. And then we finished off the evening with another long drive to the top of a hill to watch the lunar eclipse with some friends and wrap ourselves in blankets while watching for shooting stars and eating a bunch of great food. It was a late Sunday night, but a pretty darn great one!

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