Friends create Rainbows

photo by Andy
Last weekend a friend from college, Andy, was up in Seattle for business so we all got to hang out, also snagged a fellow college friend, Christine, for the fun.We kicked it off with some disco ball mood lighting in our apartment, we now own 3 disco balls, then headed to Sea Monster for some live funk music, followed by the traditional post-funk trip to Dick's burgers.

Next day we all made it to brunch. Then we took a long stroll around Discovery park. Lo and behold we got quite the rainbow sighting- at the time we may have even claimed we conjured it. Next up a taco truck, coffee pit stop, pinball, fries with curry ketchup, brewery, beer under the bridge in Fremont, meet up with some other people he knew in Seattle, dinner which included tater tots and finally back home.

We had a lovely time and rounded out our weekend doing adult things like laundry on Sunday.

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  1. Your apartment looks adorable! It suits you two very well! :)