Norway Road Trippin

After a nice baby wipes bath we jumped in the car, we named him Fartsgrensen because we saw it on a poster and thought it was funny- turns out it just means speed limit. As a reward for the exhausting hike we pulled into a cute town and both got our own pizzas and coffee. It was glorious. Then we hopped onto the Aurlandsfjellet scenic road. The beginning was a little tough, road was too narrow to accomodate buses but they did it anyway. Trouble came when 2 buses needed to pass each other going opposite directions and a lot of reversing ensued. The road had views down into the fjords and surrounding landscape. Lucked out and pulled up to a ferry, one of many on this trip, just as it was closing its gates and they kindly let us on. 


Jumped over to the Sognfjellet scenic road which had so so many tunnels. The Norwegians are tunnel wizards there were tunnels all over, some were 7 miles long or more, there was a tunnel directly onto a bridge, directly back into a tunnel one had a round about in it going different directions! The road wove through cute towns and wild terrain. 

these 3 sheep laid on the road and just
baa'ed at every single car that passed them,
I baa'ed back at them but they were not amused

In Norway you can camp on any land, public or private, for free as long as it's uncultivated. So we drove until we were hungry picked a spot with some gorgeous mountains and plopped ourselves on it. Finished our pizza from earlier in the day along with some wine as the sun dipped. Also got to see a bunch of cows that descended upon the little area as we brushed our teeth, I love that all the animals have bells. Since it never really gets dark it's hard to gauge what time it is so we started playing a game and winded up hanging out until about 1 am.

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  1. Those views are so beautiful! That's so interesting about being able to camp where ever you want!