New Orleans Bikes

 Being that everything was so flat we biked almost everywhere. I especially liked biking along the Bayou. Everything is so calm and the warm air with the bike paths and water nearby was just lovely. The French Quarter was about 3 miles away and you could almost coast there and just people watch.

Of course we also ate a lot of beignets. We got 3 sets from 3 places. They were all delicious, I love that they're served warm. Also a lot of the coffee places don't have the lengthy drink menus I'm used to. A lot of places just had a cappuccino and café au lait listed. Being as we were never in a hurry, New Orleans does that to you, we always sat down and got coffee in ceramic mug and tried not to puff powdered sugar all over. Very relaxing.

There were lovely little art markets at night in empty lots with local artists selling wares. An sure enough always a guy walking around with a rolling cooler of beer trying to sell to anyone walking by. We wandered down Frenchman street which is filled with live music venues, most without a cover, a few nights. The brass bands were outstanding. One night we found one just crushing it on the street corner so we grabbed a PBR from next door and jammed with them for quite awhile.  Even during the day so many of the streets in the French quarter had amazing musicians. We had an absolutely lovely trip. I didn't have many ideas of what New Orleans would be like but now I am a huge huge fan!

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  1. New Orleans seems amazing! Russia definitely has a small coffee menu too! I heard Ukraine has amazing coffee shops, but they all must have gotten stuck at the border because there isn't any good coffee here. Sometimes I just want a black coffee with cream, but I can't find it here :(