New Orleans Swamps

We went to visit the swamp for a humid afternoon, I have truly become a humidity wimp now that I live in Seattle. In Florida last year we visited the swamp and saw lots of alligators but it was mostly just their heads peeping out of the water. This time we saw a few sunning themselves, including the 6' long one right next to the trail, above. I was a little nervous to walk past him but he seemed to care less about us. The swamp  hike was really beautiful and the wooden path wove in and out creating different views of the landscape. I really liked the bridge that went over the water and allowed you to look down through the waterway.

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  1. Oh my god! I would have been TERRIFIED to walk past that one, or I'd think that they'd pop out of the water to eat me. I'm such a humidity wimp too, mostly because I hate that I have Hermione Granger hair.