Almost Backpacking Trip

This weekend was a little rainy and we wanted to escape it so we drove out to Leavenworth (a little made up German town) to do the Fourth of July Creek Trail. So we hiked about 5 miles in of the 6.5 and soaked up the views and mountains. It was nice to have escaped Seattle's clouds and capture some sunshine. The hike was pretty steep and honestly our hearts weren't into it. We planned on backpacking it but we got a late start and the trip reports didn't mention snow in the area you normally set up camp but a lot of people hiking out were telling us there was. It was all clouds at the top so no views would be awaiting us, So we got to a really pretty area hung out for a bit and decided to hike back out.

By the end of the trail we were pretty pooped from trying to beat the sun setting to get back to the trailhead. But we made it and drove over to the "German" town for a beer and sausage and live Mexican band?!? Then we started the 2 hour drive back home in which I strapped on our headlamp, put it on night red, and read Harry Potter to us on the drive back.

It ended up being a fun adventure where nothing we planned happened. We got to see mountain views, soak in some sunshine, and end up back in our beds- it was quite fun. And now my legs still hurt :)

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