Potter & Pasta

We had cause to celebrate so our friend Liz brought over her fancy pasta making attachment and our friend Megan came over and we got to work. We made twisty pastas and macaroni pasta which are adorable and so cute plopping out of the machine. (Little did we know they take 10x longer to dry and ate dinner at 10pm) I'm also forcing Liz to watch Harry Potter so our friendship may continue so it was a Potter & Pasta night! She even found a Griffin(dor) wine : amazing!

We made Megan put on the Sorting hat and take the quiz and turns out we then had a person from every house present. She rounded us out and it made us all pretty darn excited. We snacked on stone fruits with fresh whipped cream & star fruit snacks. It all seemed like a good idea until we realized both sauces also had cream in them and then found out the whipped cream wasn't a good idea, it was an excellent one. Once we finally got to the eating we made a roasted tomato vodka sauce & an alfredo. So tasty and the texture of the thicker pasta, I've only made fettuccine before, made my teeth happy- chewy, al dente perfection.

Fabulous night, even if we were on the 6th movie which means SO MUCH SEPIA TONE!

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