Harry Potter Party!

It all started when our friend Liz said she'd never seen or read Harry Potter! My heart shattered a little that day, how can I be friends with someone who doesn't know the wonders of Harry Potter! So in order to continue our friendship I demanded a movie night! And then I got serious...
I sent her a letter in green ink, delivered by sticker owls, that she had been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry and a ticket to the platform 9 3/4 train.
Thinking we'd only make it through a few movies I stuck to a bathroom door with the Chamber of Secrets snake lock, a train station sign and some banners for the Hogwarts 4 Houses.

The food was Bertie Botts every flavor beans, chocolate (in case of a dementor attack), Licorice wands, muggle popcorn and a potion station where ginger beer and cherry lemonade = polyjuice potion.

Finally before movie watching could commence we put on the sorting hat and some black graduation gowns "robes" and took a test to find out our house, when a few other friends came over we also convinced them to join in on the test. Once we were sorted we donned our house tie.


 To keep up the movie watching spirit before the second movie I whipped up some butterbeer, although quite sweet it was also delicious. I used this recipe. It was a lovely night of lounging and snacking and pretending we truly were wizards (p.s. I am a real wizard I just can't tell Muggles)



  1. AH! I'm so jealous I was not invited! Reminds me a little of my Titanic party though ;)

  2. Wow!! This harry potter themed party is really awesome. Really liked the arrangements here. Everyone seems to have great fun. Planning to arrange a harry potter themed party at one of LA venue. Will be implementing your ideas there. Thanks for sharing this post here.