5 Year Anniversary Trip

Woohoo! We recently celebrated our 5 year anniversary. Hopped on the Clipper Ferry out to Vancouver Island, BC and hung out in Victoria. We planned it really last minute and had no expectations. Joshua found a place to stay with a hot tub and I had directions on how to get from the ferry to the house, and there our plans ended.
We've both been busy with work and life and having no plans couldn't have been a better plan. Enter scooter! I've always wanted to rent a scooter and drive around another country. Canada so happens to be another country. I watched Mary-Kate and Ashley in Europe and they rode around on scooters and I've been determined to do the same! So we got one for tow days and being that I have a x-small head I secured a gold glitter helmet. Hopped on the scooter and set off. We later both confessed that we were ear-to-ear smiling for at least 10 minutes.

We drove along the coast and stopped at piers and beaches. Puttered into a small town to get sushi and coffee. Did a mini hike up to a little mountain around to view the whole area. Walked into downtown one night and ate pizza, then tacos, ended hanging out in the hot tub.

That night we had also secured this magnificent thing below- it was a donut ice cream sandwich! We went back the next day and got macaroon ice cream sandwiches too. More importantly we sought out the donuts and had them all 3 days we were there. Earl gray with currant glaze!!!

We also scootered all over the next day. Pit stop for a little hike and then did a wine tasting with a stunning view. We got a glass to go and sat amongst some of their cherry trees, which were ripe and free to pick. That night for our anniversary we grabbed some dinner back downtown. Ended at a fun old building with live music.

Last day there almost the whole downtown had its streets shut down for a festival. Accidentally sat down next to the donut stall, so we got one of those. Then we also got some earl gray cotton candy. Weirdly delicious! Hopped back on the ferry and chatted with some lovely people from Kansas and then made frozen pizza at home. It was a fabulous trip to just be with one another, let go of some of the stress we are currently swimming in and just have fun with one another.

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  1. Now I want to watch Passport to Paris. I LOVED that movie.

    I can't believe you guys have been married for 5 years already! Time sure does fly.

    Also, send me some donuts and that Earl Grey cotton candy. It all sounds so divine!