Girl Hike

This past weekend was Girl Hike weekend! Started off the weekend by skipping out on work early to grab dinner and drinks at Latona Pub. They have free jazz and it was loud and amazing! We picked a friend up from the airport, drank wine on her rooftop terrace as the sun set. Then headed back to the ladies pad and put on clay face masks and drank wine. Which is a very busy Friday evening before you wake up at 6am to go hiking :)

So we woke up at 6am. Megan made us homemade hasbrowns and eggs! We drove to Cle Elum because they have the beloved rain shadow. So all of Seattle was in gray and rain and we had fluffy clouds and sunshine, we win! But first, alas we had to find the trailhead. The directions weren't clear and I'll have you know we found 4 other cars driving around trying to find it too. In the end we deduced well and ended up picking the right trail. The other cars of boys looking for the trial, well we never ended up seeing them- girl hike for another win!
Tronson pass was full of wildflowers. The hike begins through a burned down part of the forest, it felt like we were hiking through the 101 Dalmatian trees. But despite the burns and fire the whole forest floor was bursting with blue & purple flowers. Then we got out onto the ridge and we could see the Enchantments, Mt Stuart and a bunch of other mountains. It was a beautiful hike.
We headed back home made a fancy drink in a blender, that we then also broke. Liz & I headed out to a patio for a drink, then to dinner with mac & cheese, then to a champagne bar we happened passed so we ended the night with bubbles. A super fantastic stupendous weekend with equally as super fantastic stupendous women!

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  1. This post really makes me want to have a drink right now!