Climbing on our new rope

This past weekend we finally got a real chance to break in our new rope. It was fun to hike up to the crag with a  rope and actually be useful climbing friends. Until now we've borrowed most people's gear and waited for all the routes to be set up for us. With our own rope, and our friend's patience in teaching us to lead climb we feel like a lot less of a drag. Neither of us is very good at feeling un-useful.

no ones life was dependent upon me belaying for this photo :)
but look how pretty the rope is, it has some orange in it!
 We headed back to what they call the secret crag. It was a lovely day with the minor problem of some mosquito bites. Our weeks have been pretty long so we took it easy, climbed about 6 routes, and ate sunflower seeds. Mostly it was nice to sit on the side of the mountain with a fun group of people.

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  1. The scenery is so beautiful! You're so lucky you get to see mountains all the time!