Joshua's 29!

The cake was a tahini cake
with a chocolate mousse filling
in mascarpone vanilla bean frosting!

On Saturday we threw Josh a birthday party. We had a giant cheese board, lots of Rainier, and our disco ball light bulbs all spinning. Since he is an introvert, we played a round of Bonco so it broke everyone up into smaller groups that he could chat with. As we started to play though lots of more people walked in so mostly it became chaos with people subbing in and out, me yelling which table to move to and another disco ball being passed around to whoever got the last Bonco. The chaos was actually a ton of fun. We also handed out prizes such as 'a dog wearing a cone' band-aids to the loser and a magnet with a unicorn that says 'I poop glitter' to the winner.

All in all we had about 17 people stuffed into our apartment and Josh got to play records all night. We were both happy.

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  1. yay! Happy birthday, Josh! (I know this is a late comment). You know all sorts of games!