Friend Snowshoe adventure

Joshua's high school friend was out to visit this weekend. He took Friday off and they went on a snowshoeing adventure. Most of the trek up was shrouded in misty clouds and quite disappointing, then at the top the clouds slowly began to thin. They ended up with spectacular views and the weather was warm enough for them to hang out and watch it all happen. They said the transformation of the views was really cool to watch. The cloud began to settle below them and then looked like a foaming lake held in by the trees and the mountains.

The rest of Matt's visit was spent having a fancy night in Capitol Hill, biking around to breweries, playing games, it was his birthday while he was here so I made a 3rd cake for the week which we took to the FOE and ate. Since we were 4 of 7 people in the place we were promptly signed up for karaoke by the bartender and participated in some pretty bad performances.

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  1. The bright green pants next to the white snow is awesome!