Down by they Bay Cake

I really enjoyed making this cake. I fnished it a day before the party and I just kept stealing glances at it all day. The way that this cake is more textural than iced on decorations and how it is only fully understood if you walk all the way around it are a few of my favorite parts. Also I'm in love with the jellyfish.  O and the iridescent bubbles, I love those too!

The outside is a topsy turvy 3 layer cake so it angles and twists up to form the wave which is frosted in 4 different color blues and texturized. Then the sea creatures and bubbles are all made of hand cut cookies that I then colored in with royal frosting. The inside has it's own surprise in that it's funfetti and filled with colored white chocolate!

I told the parent's that I wanted the cake to be a surprise which was really fun. We celebrated the little guys birthday in a beautiful park with a bbq and a ton of lovely people His smash cake was the turtle and he dug into it pretty well. We finished all but 1/2 the bottom layer - not bad.

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