Rainy Weekend

Josh and I had big plans to go hiking at Mt Rainer this Saturday. Alas it turned out to be a pretty rainy day so we decided to save it for a nicer day. We actually ended up having one of our favorite day in Seattle so far. We sat around and read Brave New World together. Really great thought provoking book too. Josh doesn't like fiction but there was a lot to talk about with it. We went biking to a few parks and down to a beach where we looked out at Seattle skyline and then packed a picnic dinner and ate it on a log watching the ocean and sailboats. There is a really great bike trail that goes all along the coast and we ended up getting quite a bit of exercise. Then on our way back we biked to Ballard and had some caramel fudge, rum hazelnut, chocolate hazelnut, and dark coffee gelato. It was so amazing. Then we searched the grocery for something else to eat, it's 24 hours. We came out with cooking spray and condensed milk :) Then came home and at tons of Joe Joes (Trader Joe's oreos) I just think it's so great that when you're with someone you love rain doesn't matter. And on the beach there were tons of bonfires- so cool that in Seattle the weather doesn't factor into your plans as much as in Cincinnati.

Chris Marshall, who did our marriage counseling in Cincinnati, emailed some people in Seattle for us and we met for coffee with Jim Henderson today. We are so excited to get plugged in and make some friends and he offered to email some people to have lunch with us. We feel so blessed to have people so willing to help
us connect already!

I start my work at a real architecture firm, ZGF, downtown tomorrow. Can't wait- guess we're big kids now :)

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