Sunny Seattle Saturday- we took advantage of the rarity!

We had a rockin' Saturday - it was beautiful, Josh even put on shorts for the first time in Seattle. We went to our community farmer's market- got some great foccaicia bread and then made muenster grilled cheese with and basil from our plant. So heavenly!

Then we biked to the locks and watched the salmon climb up the fish ladder- they jump up the steps!
And then biked through sweet trails and wood bridges to Discovery Park. We got a little lost. Josh velcroed wildflowers to my bike we found, it was so cute. Then we found a beachy trail that we walked around on and had a snack. It felt like we were on an island. It was so great to be able to escape the city. It felt so peaceful and relaxing. Then we biked to Ballard and got Vietnamese coffee and espresso beans (which we then later went and bought more of at the store :). It was the sweetest coffee shop, we sat in the window on pillows, so fun. Then we biked back home. We biked 16 miles Saturday.
Therefore on Sunday we were pooped. We bought a couch then brought it home, made brownies, watched season 2 of Big Bang theory, and layed on our couch ALL day! Oh yeah!
We hope you guys had a great, not too hot, weekend. We love you all!

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