Well Seahawks won the Superbowl and Seattle went CRAZY!  Burning couches in the street, honking and ignoring crosswalks all night (big deal here). And today is the parade which happens to be on the street right below my building. 24 floors up and we can hear the crowd roaring! People began gathering 4 hours before the parade and it's pretty insane down here. Expecting upt to 700,000 people for the parade. The players are riding the Duck buses down the street :)


Also so far I've received free- skittles, 2 coffees, donut and a 12 cent cookie :)

I'm still a Bengals girl but it sure has been interesting to be in a city as it all developed. I'm a little over it at this point but love seeing a city come together!

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  1. I think Clevelanders would blow up the city if the Browns actually made it to the Super Bowl.