Felted Garland

While Joshua was still in Portugal for work I found real wool in the Japanese dollar store (a dollar for wool is awesome) They all came with 3 colors in each pack and I nabbed them all. I've loved the felted ball garlands I've been seeing but didn't want to pay for one- enter dollar store. Easy to make and a fun way to spend a husbandless rainy afternoon.

step 1 : get a bowl of warm water & 2 tbs of soap

step 2 : rip off a palm size ball of wool & pull it into a big fluffy ball

step 3 : dip the ball of wool into the soapy water and start to roll it
around in your palm until it is half the size

step 4 : wipe off your hands and roll the ball a few more times

step 5 : keep makin em until you use all your wool

step 6 : let them sit overnight to dry out
step 7 : using an embroidery needle & thick thread to string all of the balls onto
step 8 : hang it up & enjoy!

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