Homeade Leather Clutch

We have some leather left over from anther project Joshua & I did (that I'll share soon) So Friday afternoon when I got home from work I drug out all the supplies and decided I was going to make a clutch for the evening. I sketched out my design and made a paper version of it and fiddled around until I was happy with it (took about 45 mintues) Then I got to work.

And I wrote down all the steps below so anyone can make one!
What you'll need:
thick leather, such as belting leather
4 rivet that are thick enough to hold 2 thicknesses of the leather
anvil or small piece of metal to hammer the rivets on
carnauba cream
1   print out the template I've made on 11"x17" paper
2   then trace the outline out on the leather with chalk
3   cut out the main shape in one color and the small strap/closure in another hide color.
I had a metal "E" lying around that I hammered into the leather a few times ( I LOVE IT)
4   rub in carnauba cream over the leather with a cloth, let dry completely

5   drill holes in the middle of the x's on the template (a hole about the size of your rivet heads)

6   fold it all up like an envelop and creased the folds

7   using an chunk of metal as an anvil hammer in the rivets that hold the sides to the bottom & repeat the process for the attaching the strap

8   slid a few things inside the clutch and closed the top under the strap

After I had my pattern down the whole think took around a half hour & then I took it out for the night.

(Also I was thinking- I bet you could make this out of a really nice cool placemat :)

I love it and it was so fun to complete a project I could then take out finished that night. I've been wanting a leather clutch for awhile and instead of paying tons for one I got to do it exactly how I wanted. mmm so many ideas now, Joshua & I are going to buy another hide and see what else we can come up with. Also brass rivets- how pretty would those be! Also we want more metal letters so we can write fun things on them and personalize them.

Ah so excited to take it out! Make one!
And this is where I took my clutch :
our friend was performing at a goofy little café that night.
She was stunning!


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  1. Ahh - this is tooo cute! I want to make one although I highly doubt it will turn out as cute as yours! Thanks for sharing! I miss you lady! xxxo~