San Fran Bike Tour

About a month ago I was feeling bogged down by boring work and life busyness and I convinced the hubs to book us ticket so San Francisco for a break. Our friend Andy was awesome enough to host us and lend us a few of his bicycles.

On Sat & Sun I think we biked around 15 or more miles a day, we also biked 5 miles on Fri. So I truly feel like we went to San Fran and got the best bike tour ever. He knew how to get everywhere which was amazing so we just got to tag along, weave ferociously through traffic, run all the lights, hop the trolley tracks, and just enjoy the ride.

We stopped at the top of a few of the parks including the Full House park, Corona Park, & of course Golden Gate Park.

My top priority for the trip was to bike across the Golden Gate bridge & we did, and it was deeply fulfilling :) Also we were really lucky and it was a beautiful day. We biked past the piers and all the parks catching lots of different views of the bridge.

Mostly we enjoyed the sunshine and lots of Mexican food as well as spending time with one of Joshua's good friends. Thanks San Fran & Andy (&friends) for a great mini vacation!

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  1. San Francisco is easily my favorite city in the country (but of course I've never been to Seattle) :)