Giant Gingerbread House Project

I was asked by a residential interior designer if I'd be interested in making a gingerbread house replica of his client's house. I honestly wasn't sure if I could do it, I'd never undertaken anything like it before. But I said yes. Thankfully he trusted me and encouraged me and it turned out really neat.

Our kitchen table was overtaken for over a week, I dumped sugar all over the floor multiple times and we ate our dinners on the floor but I'm so proud of it.

I started with a cardboard model and then started making gingerbread pieces. I love building models and working with my hands so it was really fun to combine that with my knowledge of architecture and being able to read plans and drawings. I absolutely love how it turned out and I was a little sad to see it leave my table.

 Joshua was beyond supportive and even made me board with mitered corners for it. I think I squealed "look look that is so cute" a million times and he came over and looked and was genuinely interested. I owe him a date night I think :)

It is all edible and the gingerbread is actually quite tasty.
It was delivered yesterday, hope they loved it!

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