Crater Lake Road Trip

To escape the cold a bit we embarked on a road trip to Crater Lake about 2 hours away. We read Harry Potter and ate fruit snacks while we relished in the heat of Richard, the truck. The lake was huge, volcano formed. Apparently record brakingly clear visibility.

Wasn't much to do at the lake so we meandered around for a bit and then heated up the leftover stuffing for lunch.

We spent the evening hanging out in downtown Bend. Played a game for a few hours at a bike coffee shop. Went on a brisk walk to find a used bookstore, we'd finished Year 5 of Harry Potter and couldn't possibly drive home without Year 6 to read from! Skyped with my madre for her birthday in a random alley, and ate dinner at a pizza place. Lucky us they were really behind on service that night. We got a free salad for waiting but little did they know we were more than happy to wait out the welcome of our cold yurt in their heated restaurant.

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