21015 in review

This year I think we would label as a year of adventure!

-we went on a 2 week trip to Paris-Porto-Lisbon-Morocco-Seville-Madrid-Barcelona
-the summer started early in Seattle and we were able to go on around 22 hikes
including a week long trip with my parents to Glacier
and hiking the Enchantments
-we had 5 visitors: Nick, James, Whitney & Allison, Andy & Lauren
-we were in around 11 states this year, some being: met up for a girls weekend in Chicago, spent time in FL for a wedding, Ohio for another wedding, spend Thanksgiving in Bend
-we both turned 27 and can no longer say we aren't in our late 20's
-I am on reading the 6th Harry Potter book to Joshua and hope to finish them all this year, held 4 Harry Potter parties to force my friend to see the movies
-& celebrated our 4 year anniversary!

We can honestly say we have no idea what is in store for this year.
That is scary, exciting, and hopeful.
Thanks for a great 2015 & CHEERS to 2016!

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