Camp & Climb

We went climbing at our favorite spot this past weekend. The weather was sunny but not too hot, we had a good size group of 7, started the day with a McDonalds sausage biscuit- all the ingredients for a fabulous day. The climbing here is amazing and Joshua & I got in quite a few leads on routes. I finally feel like I'm confident enough leading 5.8 routes to start trying something a little more out of my comfort zone.

That night we all stuck around and camped. We took a beer break by the lake and made a fire with giant stumps and one guy even brought guns to shoot. Had a good ol redneck time. They all went climbing again the next day and we had to head back for a prior obligation. Everytime I go I think I fall a little more in love with climbing. The pace, people, views so darn good.

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  1. Those views are so amazing. What's the temperature like there in the mountains?