Life Dream Fulfilled

I love love baking and cakes and a life dream of mine has been to make a cake for someone for an event. I've made my wedding cakes and birthday cakes but I've never made one for someone where I made a sketch out for them and delivered it and got to see their reaction.

Today I did! And honestly I'm just so proud. I love my cake my client loved it. It was tons and tons of work - about 20 hours. But I finally did it and I'm so grateful for that woman giving me a chance to do it.

I'm over the moon so here it is my monster cake!

12 eggs, 3/4 gallon milk, 6 lb powdered sugar, & 20 sticks of butter later :)

the only part of the cake that didn't go how I wanted was the balloon string, I'll nail it next time though

my little chocolate monsters


  1. LOVE IT!!! Great Job Mackenzie!!

  2. These are epic. Nicely done!

  3. Good job! They turned out great!

  4. I'm a little late but I absolutely LOVE the smash cake. Did you get pictures of the little guy (or gal) smashing the cake??