Weekend of All the Things

photo by James
Our friend Katy was our 3rd and final visitor. She got in on Thursday so of course we had happy hour margaritas and then made a pizza to take to our favorite brewery. She bummed around Golden Gardens the next day until we grabbed her to get tatchos (tater tot nachos) and met up with our friend James. The night ended with chicken wings and Katy and I karaokeing to K-Ci and JoJo's All My Life. Ergo- we were off to a good start.
Katy's first lead climb outdoors!
Joshua crushing his 5.10 lead climb!
Me failing to get to the third clip on my lead climb, ha

We headed out early the next morning to go climbing. The weather was amazing and sunny and Mt. Rainier was out and had a cute little cloud hat. We had a fabulous day climbing and I got to give Katy her a catch- apparently in Ohio you say catch not ride, for her first lead belay. The day was glorious and I loved getting to just hang out with Katy all day. Also loved getting to climb with her. We both independently of one another got into climbing at about the same time on opposite sides of the country so I loved getting to do it WITH her!

That night James also join us, Joshua, Katy, Nick & I for fires, Rainiers, sausages and FIREWORKS. We've had the fireworks since 4th of July so I was very excited to set them off. Katy and I had never held roman candles and shot them off into the air before either. We screamed a lot and ran around pretending they were wands and we were real wizards, of course. (Mom, Dad- we were safe no one pointed any fireworks at each other)

The next morning we popped some champagne and made mango mimosas garnished with fresh picked huckleberries. We also had bacon which the boys wrapped around hot dogs- it was actually quite good.

Then we got to the shotguns. We set up our cans and half of a watermelon rind and lined em upon on a hill. I'm not entirely sure Katy and I really hit anything but we looked good trying.

 Sadly then Joshua's truck wouldn't start, we got it going but then James's car wouldn't start so eventually we had to get a tow truck to come up the dirt mountain road and tow him down. This of course was a very long task so we got mountain roadside burgers and shakes, took car naps, lounged in the back of the truck and picked huckleberries while waiting. The tow truck guy said it was the farthest into the mountain roads he'd ever gone, ha.

We did however end the night on a high note with a homemade huckleberry pie from our cache that morning. Overall I really loved Katy's visit and the randomness that it included suited us and our friendship perfectly!
photo by Katy

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  1. Every time I read your posts when you have visitors it makes me want to come visit so bad! When I do I want to make mango mimosas! ;)

    Also, that cloud hat sounded so cute!