Parents Hiking Adventure Pt. 2

After our long high elevation gain hike they wanted a more chill outdoor experience. It was also still supposed to be cloudy. My mom found a great hike flipping through a book in our cabin that morning so we drove over near Baker Lake. The trail was Baker River Trail and snaked along the water through a gorgeous forest, possibly old growth. There were enormous trees caked in bright green moss, ferns, leaves bigger than your head, and almost no bugs. It was about a 4 mile hike with minimal elevation gain that ended at an opening onto Baker River and a view at the backside of Mt. Shuksan. 

The temperature was lovely, the hike was chill with good snacks, bridges, logs to cross, and lovely company. We also gave ourselves lichen facial hair.

At the end, driving back to Seattle, Mt. Baker finally popped from behind the clouds and we got to show off his snowy peak.

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  1. Had you done that hike before? I can't believe you hike this much and still haven't hiked every trail!