Awesome Visitors Backpacking

Two weekends ago our friends Nate & Stephanie came to visit from Cincinnati. Luckily took us up on the offer to go backpacking. We headed to Teanaway Peak, east, to avoid the rain that seemed to be eminent everywhere. Sadly we didn't quite escape it. Our hike in was drizzly, wet, and cloudy. We decided to camp in the forest, tree protection, and our visitors brought tea so we all hung out and tried to warm up. Alas, the rain finally stopped and the clouds cleared so we set up our tents and even went on a mini hike to the top of a hill.

Spent the night huddled around a fire passing around 5 types of liquor, apparently we all brought a bunch of flasks. The stars came out and I slept okay but some of the guys said they heard a bunch of animal noises all night. The next morning we scrambled to the top of Teanaway peak. Not sure Nate & Stephanie knew what they were in for but they were troopers! At the top we heard a bunch of coyotes howling and then a giant crack of thunder. We hurried down to avoid scrambling on wet rocks but luckily the rain held off.

I think we found the tree of wisdom, it was so
beautiful and felt like a wise old man.
I love how the red rock and grey rock streak next to one another

Rounded off the trip with burgers & shakes. Nate took it further than any of us previously did with a triple bacon burger. Turned out to be a fabulous last minute planned trip!

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  1. I'd be terrified if I heard animal noises all night. Luckily you fell asleep beforehand. Have you ever seen an coyote on your hikes? I saw one at 6th grade camp!