Bits & Pieces

A few leftover photos from friend adventures lately:
With Nate & Stephanie we also ran around and did a few touristy things (Steph has never been to Seattle) We caught a good view of the city, did the market, the troll, kayaked at Golden Gardens. The weather was a little gray but we snuck in plenty of good stuff. One night we had fancy tapas and eventually capped it off with cheap wings & euchre.

Snuck in one last summer floating session at Justin's house boat. Water was colder but still a lovely amazingly relaxing time. This time we came prepared with more snacks.

We also got to celebrate our friend Jessica's birthday. Love her style- we started the night dressed up and then ended the night with a galette, wine and sweatpants.

This weekend was our first weekend in 3 weekends without visitors. We spent it mostly napping, reading, and binge watching. We also finally went to the grocery store! Spent a night out with some friends and added in brunch and lazy pizza/movie dinner to get in a little human interaction.


  1. Do you ever get tired of showing people the same places in Seattle?

    1. Ha yes, now we usually send people to the market while we're at work :)