Lemon Curd and White Chocolate Ganache Cake

I had the pleasure of making a cake for a client's friend's birthday. Her only request was something lemon and something yellow. I'm still obsessed with my bee pollen sprinkles and knew those were going to make an appearance. I ended up making a lemon curd filling piled between citrus zest cake and drizzled with a white chocolate ganache that I tinted yellow. Topped it all off with some tiny meringues and bee pollen.
Right after I whipped up my cake batter I realized my oven was BROKEN. The bottom heating coil had actually snapped. So you can't just put cake batter in the fridge for later. It was also quite late at night. I finally decided to walk over to the Fraternal Order of the Eagles, which is connected to our building, we aren't member mind you.
I asked the bartender man- Hi this is going to be a weird question but I'm your neighbor, my oven just broke and I need to make a cake. Do you have an oven
His response- Yes we are oven people.
He saved me and was so kind. So the cake got done and we are also now members of the FOE!

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