Post-Apocalyptic Smash Putt

Last Saturday we donned our most post-apocalyptic black & leather outfits to hit up Smash Putt downtown. I ended up looking a lot like Rey from Star Wars. Someone at putt putt apparently even asked Josh if me looking like her was intentional, ha.
We'd been to Smash Putt before but this one was downtown. It was crowded and chaotic and we had an 11pm tee time but it was excellent fun. My favorite hole was the Operation Hole where you had to use the pincers below to get your ball out of traps and if you hit the edges you got shocked.

The classic scratch & sniff hole, and laser hole were also back. A lovely erratic time was had by all.

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  1. So interesting. I've never even heard of this! You guys always find the coolest things to do!