Post-Holiday Party

My office had our Post-Holiday party this past weekend. The event was at MOHAI, museum of history and industry. It is in South Lake Union in a beautiful building that sticks out into the water. The floor of the space is end cut wood from ships and the exhibits are fabulous. Also there was endless wine & beer & cheesy gnocchi. We also had a DJ and my office is actually quite stellar at starting a dance party. As always there was also a photo booth, which we took liberal use of!

I was also very excited to get to wear the leather harness I made to go with my dress. Also proud to say I found Joshua's tie at the thrift store. :)

We headed out to a few bars post party where we ate a bunch of the desserts from the party someone brought in boxes. Then Joshua and I went to get a cab it was like $25, which neither of us was willing to pay. Therefore we started walking, it was actually a quite nice night out and we ended up walking 2.3 miles (I was in wedges) from South Lake Union to Fremont. We crossed the Fremont bridge and finally got a $5 cab the rest of the way. Ended the evening eating shapes box mac & cheese.

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the first picture of you two! You should print it out and hang it in your house :)