Backpacking season begins

Kicked off backpacking season this past weekend. Our traditional 6 mile Teanaway Ridge hike had the added benefit of our friend Jessica on it. We headed out of work early on Friday to get on the trail. The sun was out, the mountains were out, and no one else was there-great kick off trip.

Once we had our tents set up we built a fire, ate some mac and cheese, cookies, and sipped on wine. The sunset up here is my favorite, it slowly drips below the mountain range streaking the whole sky with beautiful color. Luckily the clouds stayed away long enough for us to watch it.

Next morning we packed up and hiked out past tons of dayhikers heading up. (loved feeling like I had a secret having gotten to witness the sunset behind the mountains not just the sunshine on them) We also kicked off the burgers and milkshake season on our drive home.

The rest of the weekend Joshua and I spent lots of time sitting on the dock, drinking thai iced teas, coffees, eating pizza. Walked around Ballard in the sunshine, played games, and worked on some cakes. The sunshine has me feeling good!

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  1. I love that picture of your friend and Josh standing by the fire. Was it cold? You were making me cold just looking at that picture of you in the tank top next to the snow!