Merci Paris

Joshua and I were very lucky recently and had aligning breaks in work and found good tickets so we set off for a 2 week trip in Europe. He had worked in Portugal for a few months last year and I made him promise multiple times to take me back and so he got tired of me asking and followed through, just kidding he wanted to go too.
I found out we'd probably lay over in Paris and then I said hmm Paris never been there and we added it to our trip instead of passing over it. The weather was much like Seattle's and since we were victims of jet lag the first few days Paris and our conveniently placed Air bnb were great hosts to our random houred naps and early morning wake up times which we used to beat out the lines at the museums.

Shockingly we were a little overambitious but managed to make it through it all. We started off landing and dropping our stuff to then roam through the beautiful Musee D'Orsay (they have Degas and he's my favorite) then we moseyed over to the Eiffel Tower and through the grounds. Fell victim to a jet lag nap and woke up to climb up the Arc de Triomphe  and get a fun look back at Paris at night. Then we drank wine and pretended we were fancy, even though they saw through us and knew we were American.


Next day was about food- fresh morning baguettes and a faceful of macaroons every time we spotted some, and Paris has a lot of macaroon flavors! We ate more than our share of chocolate croissants and mini thimble size espressos. We also for educations sake broke up our food binge with wandering the Louvre and nearby gardens and tried to seek out the hunchback in Notre Dame Cathedral. We rounded of the day with an adorably cheesy visit to the Ponte de Arts to add on our love lock to ensure we'll be together forever. (even though it's making the bridges sag it's for love people!)

All in all we enjoyed our short stint in Paris and even though we soley to the touristy route of exploring we had a great time hopping on the super easy metro everywhere and wearing all black and secretly wishing the Midnight in Paris movie would happen to us and our late night drink would be joined by Ernest Hemingway.


After that we had our first RyanAir $20 ticket experience and jumped on a short flight to Porto, Portugal...

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