Cheers to Three Years!

This is our three year wedding anniversary!
I found the photo above while cleaning out my computer the other day- it was from our 3 year dating anniversary. It makes me smile and love even more what we have now, we've come so far but also I really feel like we still have that "thing" we had when we were dating.

This year was our hardest year of marriage so far. Not hard, just the hardest. We felt a little lost and busy a lot of this year. Buy a house, don't buy a house, not feeling home anywhere, feeling overwhelmed and like we had no time to make our own choices, not being able to find time to be alone with one another, work not being fulfilling and so on. But I still loved this year, I still love this man. It's ending on an upswing though! with moving and fitting in some weekends with just the two of us and getting back out to the mountains.

God has blessed us in so many ways and the littleness and pettiness of all the stuff that was burdening us this past year has caused us to reevaluate some things, clean out things and stop talking so much about the future and instead living in the now. I'm so happy I come home to this man and we're both learning what it means for that to be joyful in the things that actually matter to us.

Yay Three Years :)

year one & year 2

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