We bought Kayaks!

Because we needed just one more outdoor activity we bought some beat up kayaks on Craigslist. We got a good deal and they are little 10' kayaks that easily fit into Richard, the truck. On Saturday we finally got to take them out onto Lake Washington.

Now I convinced Joshua to buy these because
1. I swore they would fit strapped to our stairs and wouldn't look that bad.
2. We can walk 1/4 mile to a dock from our place carrying them so he wouldn't have to drive

Somehow my logic worked and he totally let me get them. I convinced him in 3 days, which I'm very proud of.

This weekend in Seattle was stunning. 80 degrees, sunny, warm wind. Glorious. We walked the kayaks down without to much trouble and hit the water. Being that these are about 6' shorter than any other kayaks we've used we spent quite a bit of time spinning in circles and trying to figure out how to steer. We made a little progress. Then we kayaked out under the Ballard and Fremont bridges, to Gasworks park, and took in a view of the city from the water. Overall we kayaked 7 miles! And then carried the kayaks back. Obviously we took naps after that but it was amazing and I can't wait to do it all summer!

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  1. I feel so creepy for commenting on all these old posts but I don't know why I hadn't seen these before. Kayaking sounds fun but I have no upper body strength. I commend you for being able to do it for 7 miles!