Crepe Cake & a Picnic

I saw a photo of a crepe cake and knew I had to make one. I decided our picnic with our friend's was the perfect opportunity because the outside has no icing all over it.
It had been rainy all week and even Thursday morning, but alas the clouds broke away and we were still able to walk to the park and have our picnic.

We had asian food :), avocado pasta, bread and crepe cake
It was so random but o so good. Plus we got to use the picnic basket my siblings got hubs and I for our wedding . Everything in it matches, even our picnic blanket :) It was cute.

We may have gone back to their place and had wine and more crepe cake :)

Crepe Cake:

 I made the crepes like I did HERE
and I made THIS frosting
and toasted 1/2 cup of hazelnuts and smashed them with a hammer
(I'm sure there are other ways to make them pieces)

to assemble:

1   put a crepe on the bottom of a plate
2   slather some frosting on top (I put it in an icing bag to make it simpler)
3   put a spoonful of crushed hazelnuts on top
4   put on another crepe & repeat until you have one crepe left to top it off with

I used 13 crepes and it fed (would have fed without us having seconds) 10

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