Rock Climbers

pretty tulips hubs brought home to me one day last week

We had plans with the Nelson's to do outdoorsy things on Saturday- but it was raining. But they saved the day with the idea of going bouldering (you rock climb only so high and then don't have to belay and use harnesses) It turned out to be the most perfect idea. I have always thought rock climbing was just okay but when Joshua and I left we were already talking about where to buy rock climbing shoes and when we could go next. It was a lot of fun and a really great way to spend the early afternoon with our friends. We even grabbed some dim sum afterwards which wrapped the afternoon up perfectly!

My arms have been sore for 2 days though. I had to have Joshua zip my coat up on Sunday :) I'm much less pathetic today!

And we ended Sunday night with How to Train Your Dragon, rummy, candles, tea, more movies, finishing our taxes, and cuddling. It was perfect!

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