I just realized I hadn't given an update on how our jobs are going. And since a lot of people have been asking I thought I'd make a post of it:

Joshua works at Electro Impact and he has been loving it. He has been designing a giant machine (he builds the machines that build airplanes), SWEET!
But since he has designed his parts, ordered them, is running cycle tests, working on another project, running analysis, machining some of his parts, and putting/aligning it all into a real thing he has been very busy. But he loves it, especially the days he has been in the shop and comes home all greasy (I like it too :)
He has gotten to know the guys on his team better and has ridden his bike to work with some of them a few times (20 miles! crazy man) and grabbed beers after work. We also have become good friends with one of his co-workers and his wife.
He has finally gotten on a more regular work schedule and only has to stay really late every once in awhile and has taken to leaving his computer at work more and more so he doesn't have to work at home. Plus the sun is finally up when we get home so now we take walks to the water or around the university and get lattes, which has become our favorite after work activity.

Now for me, I work at ZGF Architects and I've been working on Seattle Children's Hospital. I worked on a remodel of a hospital floor when I first got here and was the Revit lead(a 3d modeling program we design the building in) and was heavily involved with contractors and knowing why we were doing what we were doing. But with the Children's hospital (large project) I was bored for awhile, only doing work that I was already profficient at. But now I'm finally getting more responsibility and am on the books for going to some consultant meetings. So I'm feeling really positive about it and I have some really fantastic co-workers behind me that are really helping me to find ways into more challenging work.
Plus I have a wonderful woman I work with that always invites me to grab an afternoon coffee which is teh perfect break when it feels like it has been a long day.
I love working downtown and taking the bus to work everyday. During lunch I can walk to Westlake (lots of shops) just to walk around in the sun (when it's out) or to buy a quick birthday gift, plus lots of great happy hour options surrounding our building.
  :some views from my building
  :some info/images about Seattle Children's Hospital

So that's our update! Overall we both just feel very blessed to have jobs, especially that we both have jobs in our field. Joshua found/got his before we were married and I got mine on our honeymoon drive out to Seattle right after we watched Old Faithful go off! We really feel like God has continually blessed us on our move out here with our jobs and many many other things. We thank everyone so much for their support. Everyone was so encouraging and excited for us which made something really hard for us to do much easier. We feel like it is an adventure we were meant to embark upon and everytime we feel down about being so far away God shows us why we're out here or comforts us in amazing ways, jobs being one of them.

So thanks again, your continued support and love for us has been and is appreciated!


  1. I LOVED looking at the rendering and updates for SCH! I can't believe how realistic that patient room rendering is, seems like just yesterday I was working on building those cabinets and doors in Revit ;)

    1. Yay. I should send you some more! It is so cool to see it actually start to get built!