Portland Visitor

My old college roomate, Kayla, moved to Portland recently and this weekend she made her first trip to Seattle. I haven't had alone time with her in years so it was a real treat. The weather was supposed to be terrible but we had a lot of bouts of sunshine and only a few sprinkles, score! We started off with dinner and drinks in Capitol hill, then Saturday we headed downtown ate our way through the market- we even went back to some places twice :)

Then we headed to the Olympic sculpture park where we pondered
the sculptures meanings and goofed around a little.

We headed up into the middle of downtown where we found a St. Patricks Day Parade!
Fact: I used to unicycle, I actually still can, so I loved seeing them
there were also Irish Setters, Irish dancers, bagpipes and a pirate ship?
We followed the parade in reverse as we made our way to the library

Which we then explored and oo'd at, without bothering to look at book :)

And as we headed home I screamed for her to u-turn because I saw a chair at my favorite antique store that was the exact one I was looking for. And because she's a good friend, without asking she did a sharp turn and obliged to my craziness.

That night we went to Ballard, perused the record stores, had some great BBQ and finished the night with gelato and 10 things I hate about you (filmed in Seattle)

Sunday we had brunch, duh, and then I ran her all over to the Fremont Troll, Gasworks Park, the Arboretum. And then since she's the best she drove us to one of our friend's birthday parties where we played soccer. Our friend Ryan loves soccer and there was a big turnout, we got in a really good game. It was a lot of fun, he even had halftime orange slices and capri suns!!! I may have gotten my jaw knocked out of place but it's mostly back now :)
Then we had ice cream cake!

Then sadly Kayla drove back home. But it I love that she's only 3 hours away now!


  1. I'm seriously in love with that chair! Did you end up getting it?

    1. Yes! I ran up to it and carried it right to the register ha, luckily it was also a really good steal of a deal too

  2. I wish plane tickets were cheap! I want to explore Seattle!!!!!!!!!11