Garden Take Two

I went to the farmers market and procured some new plants for this spring's garden.
Last year I didn't realize strawberry plants come back so I ripped it up oops
 so this year in it's place I bought a huckleberry bush.
But I didn't realize unitl I got home and read about it that it could grow to about 6' tall.
So I planted it but I think I'll be putting it in a large pot to help control its spreading.
But how awesome if it actually produces huckleberries!!

I got there as the market was closing so I didn't have much time to browse but I did get a
few lettuce plants, leeks and onions. She threw in a bunch of extra leek ones for free :)

I'll have to go back to get more soon. Last year I think I under-utilized my dirt and
I now know you don't have to plant some things very far away. Also I have another large pot
that has been sitting in our patio forever that I may claim and put a tomato plant in.

But look my thyme and green onions from last year survived. I tore up the thyme and tied up
some bundles to dry. Then I'll let Josh go at it with his mortar and pestle. I had a
hard time using thyme so I probably own't plant it again. But I'd love to plant some mint.

Other than that this weekend was very chill. It was sunny and I even wore short sleeves one afternoon.
Watched girly movies with Rachel and grabbed brunch another morning with another friend-
I scored a groupon for brunch plus bottomless mimosas!!! SCORE

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