Rock Collection

Our hearts have been heavy this weekend. A guy that used to be in our small group, and had since moved to New York, died in a mountaineering accident this weekend. A man that was always welcoming, excited, and unjudging. He was only 24. He left behind his new wife and families. As we prayed for them this weekend we just felt very heavy. But also hope because he loved Jesus, and lived like he meant that. But heavy hearts for the ones he left behind.

We also got to have a great game night with friends and celebrate a birthday that involved dry ice and lasers.
Celebrating people in our life and just loving. All our problems felt a lot smaller this weekend. And our hearts felt very thankful for what we have and for who Jimmy was, even if we never got the time to know him really well.

I want to make a terrarium and so Joshua took me to go personally collect rocks for it. We got to be alone for awhile, out in the sun, thinking about life and God and blessings. It's hard and shocking, but it's all that keeps coming to our minds lately so I thought I'd share. So if you think about it send a prayer up for his wife and family.

I love how different our rocks look from just the general ones. How in
taking some time to pick them out we found such diversity.

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  1. Mackenzie! I'm so sorry about your friend. That's so heart breaking.

    My friend and I were actually going to make terrariums. Gathering your own beach rocks is such a good idea!