Rattlesnake ledge with Friends

This Saturday we went hiking with some good friends. I work with Camila and her finace Joaquim was visiting. We hiked Rattlesnake ledge, which we had hiked before when my sister was visiting. This time though instead of sun we had the good ol Seattle rain. Didn't damper the fun though and we hiked up the first 2 miles so fast because we were talking so much that we barely realized we were at the to.

The hike has 3 lookout peaks and as you head to each one when you look back you can see the lake + the outlook you were at previously. It was fun to be able to look back over at them all. For awhile the 3rd one evaded us and we way overhiked trying to find it. So we kind of gave up and ate tons of gummi bears instead but on the way back down Joshua spotted it :)
Second Peak Lookout

Third Peak Lookout (you can see the other two have people on them)

Our awesome hiking group
goofy out take :)

my good lookin scruffy hubs
Joaquim was the most daring out of all of us, he took to hanging out over ledges

Awesome day! We even ran into some friends from our small group on the trail.
That happens more than I'd ever imagine! We ended a great Saturday with some
other good friends drinking $4 margaritas and being goofy.

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  1. I wouldn't be able to hang over the ledge either! What a beautiful view! There is this park near me and from it you can see Cleveland and Lake Erie which is about 20 miles away. If you ever come out here I'll show you! :)