Ballet Date

I love modern dance. It makes me excited, inspired and all those good things and luckily hubs has come to like it as well so he's willing to go with me. He even took off work early to come down and have lunch at a newish pasta place that I've been gushing about.

We dressed up, had a happy hour cocktail and sushi and went off to the ballet!

It was 4 short ballets and one was Petit Mort which I've been dying to see.
It is a very dramatic artistic ballet choreographed to Mozart. The first ballet is stunning and structured with swords and giant silk black cloths and amazing pairings then it's another Mozart piece using the same props and similar movements BUT funny-Sechs Tänze. It is comical and men wear the prop dresses and get stabbed by swords. It was fun to laugh and relax. The third one we started dozing off during (oops) but the last on was again very dramatic and electric.

Love date nights with this man, especially since he actually had fun going to the ballet with me :)

(I love the picture of the two of us behind the painting- we were told this employee took great photos, then he told us this was his favorite painting in the place and liked to take it here - it kind of scares me, and when I looked at it later I realized the lighting was terrible, so we tried to take a selfie that was equally horrible, photo fail)

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