Lucky Sunshine

We've had really pleasant weather the past week. Every morning the sun shines in my office and you can see Mt. Rainier emerging from early morning clouds. It has had its cold and biting wind moments but mostly it had been quite beautiful.

We took advantage of it Sunday to have a waffle breakfast at a café in the sun and some friends called and we wandered around UW's campus and into their stunning greenhouse. The different tropical versus dessert areas filtered light down differently and ducking under ferns just sends you into a magical place. It was a slow full walk. The greenhouse keeper even opened the poison dart frog's cage so we could take photos without the glass. They all came up to say hi and some even placed their feet over the edge. It was a really wonderful walk.

Saturday was also a great day-we saw the Hunger Games movie with some other friends and ate at Olive Garden for the first time in o years! We all ate of each other's plates because when you're there you're family :)

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