Halloween Night

Halloween night I confiscated my neighbors cat and created an iron man mask for him!

(Backstory when they wander around they always wear a light attached to their collar so that they can be seen.) Therefore I knew when he came to visit me he'd already have half his costume on. Also since this is the most tolerable cat in the world he purred the entire time I fitted a mask to his face.

Then I took him upstairs, she thoroughly enjoyed him all dressed up, we paraded him around to some neighbors, then we found the other kitty and made him dress up as iron-kitty too.
Honestly adorable and I swear they totally didn't mind, didn't even try to get the mask off once!

Then hubs and I headed over to a new spicy hotdog food truck that opened up in our neighborhood, dream come true, and watched a movie while I did an art project for United Way for work.

No candy involved sadly, but the next night we rented a movie and picked up a box of bottlecaps, heated up corndogs, and made popcorn for dinner. (yes hot dogs 2 nights in a row, oops)
I swear we normally eat better than this, but who says no to corndogs & bottlecaps- no one!

And just like that it's November & one month closer to seeing my family again :)

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